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LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services
LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services

Estimate Your
Basal Metabolic Rate

This calculation is only an estimate.


655+( 4.36 x weight lbs. )+( 4.32 x height inches)-( 4.7 x age )



66 + (6.22 x weight) + (12.7 x Height inches) - (6.8 x age)

A Ten Minute Assessment testing
That Will Change Your Life

The fitness VO2 assessment is simple, comfortable and takes only a matter of minutes.

  • The VO2 assessment is performed during an easy workout on a treadmill, stationary bike, or other exercise equipment.
  • Afterwards, your personal trainer provides you with a full report that accurately identifies your aerobic fitness and optimal exercise intensity levels.
  • The report is used to create your customized program that will help you achieve your personal goals.
  • Your individualized program enables you to exercise at the intensity levels at which you are most efficient in burning stored fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Advantages of Metabolic Testing

At Lifestyle Engineering, Inc. we use the New Leaf VO2000 system to "pinpoint" the strengths of the metabolism in order to diminish exercise intolerance and increase efficiency of exercise time, energy and results!


Measurements include:

  • Live Heart Rate: Resting & Active
  • Actual/Live Oxygen Consumption
  • Actual/Live Carbon Dioxide Production
  • Actual/Live Fat Consumption
  • Aerobic Zone Identified (RER)
  • Anaerobic Threshold Identified (RER)
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Indicators
  • Indirect Calorimetery (calories burned)
  • Mobile Testing Available (not Telemetry)

Conventional Fitness Tests only estimate VO2 sub maximally on one particular piece of stationary cardiovascular training equipment.


We can test you on any piece of stationary cardiovascular training equipment including:

  • Ergometers
  • Stair Cliimbers
  • Spinning Bikes
  • Ellipticals
  • Treadmills

Scientific Background

Metabolic Testing Options


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