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LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services
LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services

"I created the ProMax™ Periodization Plan to help anyone grow stronger, faster and more flexible," says Exercise Physiologist Kamini Fonseca,  Owner of Lifestyle Engineering, Inc.




"Past participants have seen significant, quantifiable improvements in all areas."

High Performance Training: ProMax™

Take Anyone to the Next Level!

Fitness enthusiasts now have a training option that builds endurance, flexibility and strength to enhance performance in almost any sport. ProMax™ is a ten-week periodized cross-training program with options to train 3 or 4 times weekly. Adapting cutting-edge training strategies for use by fitness enthusiasts of all levels of talent and experience.

A periodized training program breaks the training calendar into periods that are planned to accomplish a specific purpose. A 10-week ProMax™ rotation includes 3 training phases.

  1. Foundation (4 weeks)
  2. Strength (3 weeks)
  3. Performance (3 weeks)

ProMax™ Uses 7 Training Tools

  1. Metabolic Testing: Gas exchange evaluation of resting and active metabolism.
  2. Heart Rate Monitor Training: Scientific Stratification of your cardiovascular program.
  3. Active-Isolated Stretching: Advanced stretching to promote flexibility and strength.
  4. Core Training: Strengthening of the abs and torso to develop total body power.
  5. Resistance Training: Varied forms of resistance training to enhance strength and muscle tone.
  6. Dietary Guidelines: Enhanced athletic performance.
  7. Unlimited E - Coach: Your Coach is always with you no matter where you are what time it is!

10 weeks

$4,000.00 for 3 coached training's per week

$5,000.00 for 4 coached training's per week

Each Coached Session is 90 minutes in length.

Functional Training

Active-Isolated Stretching

Therapeutic Exercise

Cardiovascular Training.


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