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LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services
LifeStyle Engineering : : Excellence in Fitness & Exercise Services

What we do

Click to image enlargedWe offer Metabolic Testing including Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Active Metabolic Test (VO2) and Heart Rate Zone Training as well as measuring Cholesterol and Percent Body Fat. We have a special program called Resolution Solution for those just starting an exercise program. We offer personal training in our Belltown Studio or at your home or office as well as a wide array of classes. Training can be geared to weight loss or high performance in any specific sport. There are many programs and packages to choose from as well as a Corporate Wellness program.


A One on One Session of Lifestyle Engineering is 60 minutes in duration. Each session includes a variety of techniques:

  • Core Training
    Strengthening of the abs and torso to develop total body power.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Training
    Scientific Stratification of your cardiovascular program.
  • Active-Isolated Stretching
    Advanced stretching to promote flexibility and strength.
  • Resistance Training
    Varied forms of resistance training to enhance strength and muscle tone.
  • Dietary Guidelines
    Enhanced athletic performance.
  • Therapeutic Exercise
    Decrease pain and discomfort with specially selected functional movements.
  • Cardiovascular Training
    Variety of techniques will be used

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